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W E L C O M E   T O  A C E   M O N D O

Ace Mondo is a specialist nursery established in the year 2000 to grow Mondo grasses and Liriopes for the wholesale and retail markets.

Mondo Grass Based in the Waikato, with additional stock carried at the Plant Wholesale operations in Auckland, Ace Mondo supplies both potted and bare root forms in a variety of grades.

Mondo grasses are a staple for many garden styles and are useful and attractive as massed groundcovers, formal or free flowing borders and as underplantings in gardens and pots. They are very stylish and effective when used between pavers. Mondo grasses thrive in most soil conditions and are generally sun and frost tolerant.

Liriopes are a grass-like species similar in use and appearance to Mondo grass and are, like Mondo, a member of the lily family. They are a desirable landscape plant due to their tolerance of a variety of conditions. They are excellent for borders, groundcover or as clumping plants, suiting many garden styles.

Both Mondo Grasses and Liriopes are available in a variety of leaf form, flowering style, colour and size variation, with the Liriopes tending to form taller and fuller clumps with more colourful showy flowers. Species are of either clumping or spreading habit.

View our Mondo Grass and Liriope pages here:   MONDOS   -   LIRIOPES

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